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A Quick Guide to Pet Boarding

No matter how much a pet owner may love their pet, they will eventually face difficult situations that require an alternative care arrangement. There are many instances when a dog or cat can’t travel with its owner and can’t be left at home either. If a pet owner doesn’t have someone to take care of their pets while they are away, pet boarding might be the best option. There are several pet boarding options to consider, and we’ll delve into all of them in this article.

Pet Kennels

Owners who need trustworthy caregivers for their pets can pay for the services of a pet kennel. These facilities can provide pet owners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their cat or dog is being cared for by a staff of experienced professionals. Of course, not all pet kennels are created equal, so finding out about a kennel’s reputation before entrusting them with a pet is essential. Dogs and cats are not the only animals housed at pet kennels. Some take in other animals as well, including reptiles and birds.

Choosing a Pet Kennel

When choosing a pet kennel, it is crucial not to select the facility solely based on its proximity or prices. Pet owners should ensure that the kennel they choose has a good reputation and is clean and safe. Asking a vet for a recommendation is a good starting point. Also, they can look at local pet care forums or ask around at the dog park.

Differences Between Pet Kennels

Pet kennels don’t all provide the same services. For example, walking time for dogs can vary from facility to facility. Pet owners should choose a kennel based on their animal’s unique needs.

In-Home Pet Boarding Options

A pet may not take well to being locked up in a strange environment among unfamiliar dogs and people. One alternative to the standard dog boarding facility is to opt for sitters who keep pets in a home environment. In-home boarding is often the best option for pets with anxiety issues.

Pet Boarding in a Pet Sitter's Space

As with a boarding kennel, the owner should exercise due diligence when evaluating the pet sitter's home. If the pet is a dog, the owner should ask about the home’s outside space and exercise/playtime.

Pet Boarding in the Pet Owner's Space

Some pet sitters come to the pet owner’s home and take care of the pet there. The pet will remain in a familiar space, which means that it will not have to adjust to a new environment. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that are prone to anxiety. Pet sitters’ services may be used for any period, from an hour or two to multiple overnight stays.

Since the pet owner will be bringing a stranger into their home, they should meet with the sitter ahead of time and get to know them. It is a good idea for the sitter to get to know the pet as well. The sitter should have a thorough understanding of the pet’s routine, including walking times, feeding times, and any unusual behaviors or reactions they may have.

The goal in all cases is to ensure that a pet gets the best care available even when apart from the owner. Owners must take their pet’s needs into account and spend some time researching the available options.

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