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6 Ways to Mail a Check Safely

When you send a personal or business check by mail, it's essential to take precautions that reduce the likelihood of loss or theft. In this article, we'll give you six concise tips on mailing a check securely.

Mail It Inside a Security Envelope

Use a security envelope that doesn't have a window. Doing this will make the check less visible and decrease the risk of damage and theft. If you must use a windowed envelope, the window should have a plastic coating.

Conceal It with Paper

Fold a letter or blank piece of paper and place your check inside of it. This technique helps conceal the check. It also provides a little extra protection for checks that land in wet or grimy mailboxes.

Notate It

Write "for deposit only" on the back of the check if the recipient has a bank account. If you're mailing the check to a bank to deposit it in your own account, write your account number and remember to sign the back.

Never Write "Cash" on It

Clearly specify the payee's full name. Don't write "cash" on this line. If you do, anyone could easily steal the payment and convert it to paper money at the nearest bank branch or check-cashing business.

Drop It Off Securely

Bring the envelope to a post office or put it in a blue public mailbox. You could also hand it to a postal employee when he or she delivers your mail. It's not as safe to use a private mailbox for this purpose.

Send It Certified

Pay extra for certified mail service when you send a high-dollar check. This adds around $3.50 to the cost. The post office will only deliver your envelope if the recipient is present and signs a card. These precautions can't guarantee safe delivery, but they will significantly improve the odds that your payment will reach its intended destination.

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